6: What is an unusual habit or absurd thing that you love?

Mickey Mellen
2 min readMar 2, 2024

Today we’re on the sixth question that Tim Ferriss asked people in his book “Tribe of Mentors” ( you can see all of the questions here):

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

Of the 11 questions that he asked, there were only two that I didn’t find anything highlight worthy — #2 ( Purchases of $100 or less) and this one.

As I thought about the answer for myself, I tried to come up with something useful. However, reading Robert’s thoughts on this one (“ For a while, I always skipped the last step when walking on a staircase — up or down. “), I realized that wasn’t the point of the question. It was simply looking for something unusual or absurd.

I decided that working out almost everyday in VR (via Supernatural, which I shared a few years ago) probably counts. How many people do you know that spend 30–60 minutes in VR pretty much every day? That’s unusual, for sure.

In my time in Supernatural so far I’ve racked up just over 500,000 points. There are people with much more than that, but it’s still a pretty big number. A typical song earns roughly 100 points, so that means I’ve worked out to roughly 5,000 songs in the headset! That’s quite unusual and absurd. 🙂

What’s an unusual or absurd habit that you have?

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