I was recently reading David Bradford’s book “ Connect “, and I came across an interesting statement:

My first thought was…

I’m seeing it more and more on social media, particularly on Facebook — someone will share an article, but rather than sharing a link to it they’ll just share a screenshot of the title and the first few sentences of the article.

The problems

This causes a few problems, with the main…

There are two main ways you can approach the internet:

  1. You can be patient and giving, contribute to the discourse, and leave it better than you found it.
  2. Work to squeeze every bit of value out of it and not worry about what’s left when you’re done.

Individuals likely have…

When looking at the days ahead, none of us know for sure what’s going to happen. We can treat that uncertainly with curiosity or with worry.

In the book Four Thousand Weeks, the author Oliver Burkeman encourages us to choose curiosity, saying:

Absence Blindness is a cognitive bias that prevents us from identifying what we can’t observe. It seems pretty obvious — if we can’t observe something, of course we’ll be blind to it. That shouldn’t always be the case, though, and absence Blindness can lead to two problems.

First is the…

Mickey Mellen

I’m a cofounder of @GreenMellen, and I’m into WordPress, blogging and seo. Love my two girls, gadgets, Google Earth, and I try to run when I can.

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