The Sunday Summary: Magical marketing, ruinous empathy, and gaps in our knowledge

Mickey Mellen
2 min readNov 26, 2023

In an effort to help me keep up with everything I post each week, here is my latest “Sunday Summary” of my posts from the week.

Mon, November 20: Marketing isn’t magic
Effective marketing takes solid insights and hard work, but there’s no magic involved. If someone is helping with your marketing, they should 100% clear about what they’re doing for you.

Tue, November 21: Ruinous Empathy
Empathy is a fantastic trait, but if you’re so careful to never hurt someone’s feelings that you avoid the truth, that can be problematic.

Wed, November 22: Values without expression are dead
Having solid values is one thing, but if you don’t actually do anything with them then they’re essentially worthless.

Thu, November 23: Scale the unscalable
Those little things that are hard to duplicate? Do more of them.

Fri, November 24: Our customers don’t need more content
AI is going to make it very easy to create tons of content, but is that really what needs to be done.

Sat, November 25: I don’t know what I’m wrong about
I know a lot of the areas where my knowledge is short, but I also know that I have blind spots that I’m not aware of, and working to uncover those can be important.

I hope you found some value in this. If you ever have questions, ideas, or disagreements regarding anything I write, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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