The Sunday Summary: Scams, parents, your name, and 20 years of WordPress

Mickey Mellen
2 min readMay 28

In an effort to help me keep up with everything I post each week, I’m going to start writing a “Sunday Summary” of my posts from the week. My hope is that taking an extra look at these posts will help solidify the ideas in my head a bit more, and I hope you find it helpful as well. Thanks to Robert Carnes for the idea!

Mon, May 22: Yes, it’s a scam
I’ve written a lot about Kevin Kelly recently, and this was a great insight from him. Generally speaking, if something has even the tiniest chance of being a scam, assume that it is and act accordingly.

Tue, May 23: Experience isn’t practice
This was one of those small ah-ha moments that I hadn’t considered before. There are a lot of things that I do and gain experience, such as driving a car, but if I’m not actively practicing then I’m not likely to be improving very quickly.

Wed, May 24: Your opinions should not be predictable based on your other opinions
This was another one inspired my Kevin Kelly’s book, and I found it applicable to many situations today. It also reminds me of this thought from Adam Grant, where he urges voters to “form an independent opinion on each issue” rather than automatically voting a straight ticket.

Thu, May 25: Do you know who my parents are?
Despite the title, this post isn’t about my parents, but people that use the power leveraged from their parents — some for good, some for bad.

Fri, May 26: They probably don’t remember your name
While I push hard to remember the names of everyone I meet, we should all extend grace to those that forget ours. Even better, you can preempt the chance for them to not remember your name by automatically feeding it to them again.

Sat, May 27: 20 years of WordPress
It’s crazy to me that WordPress has been around for 20 years. Perhaps even crazier is that it’s still thriving and growing. It feels unlikely that it will be on top 20 years from now, but as the web continues to fragment and most website platforms are places that you don’t control, having this level of ownership over your content is becoming more and more valuable.

I hope you found some benefit from this recap. If you ever have questions, ideas, or disagreements regarding anything I write, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Originally published at on May 28, 2023.

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