There is no magic bullet for your business

Mickey Mellen
1 min readMay 7, 2021

As much as we want there to be one, there is no magic bullet for your business to make it succeed. The desire for one is what leads to all of the MLMs and online marketing sages that can give you “the secret” for just $299.

A great example of that is this video from Mike Winnet showing how “contreprenuers” work to sell you their magic secrets:

Stick to the basics

The real magic is just being consistent. A good example is a client of ours that we started working with last year. We performed some keyword research and began publishing regular content for them. There was nothing magical about it, and it wasn’t a ton of content, it was just steady work that built over time. Here is his traffic from Google for 2020:

The same holds true for any of your marketing ventures. Publish consist emails, be active on social media, and continue to make improvements to your website.

You’ll have the occasional post or video that goes viral, but that’s rare and random. Plan for the future, do the work, and the results will always follow.

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