USB-C is finally everywhere

Mickey Mellen
2 min readSep 28

I can’t believe it took nearly a decade since I first told you that USB-C was going to be a great thing, but we’re finally here. The newly-released iPhone 15 changed their port to be USB-C, and they were essentially the last device that needed to change. I know that iPhone users are going to hate changing cords again, but this time it’s worth it. At my house, for example:

  • Both of my laptops are USB-C.
  • My phone (Pixel) has been USB-C for a long time.
  • My Kindle Scribe and my wife’s Kindle Paperwhite are both USB-C.
  • The other laptops in our house (mostly Chromebooks) are USB-C.
  • My iPad is USB-C.
  • If you have a recent Macbook, it’s USB-C.

It’s fantastic!

It’s not perfect, as different USB-C bricks and cables can charge at varying speeds, but at least we’re all on the same plug. I can bring a handful of matching cables and bricks when we go out of town, and every device is covered. Gone are the days of sorting out which cables go with which device.

Portless is next

I think USB-C is the last major change we’ll see to device plugs, as the next move is likely to be no charging port at all — wireless charging will be your only choice. We’re likely a few years away from mainstream devices that do that, but it’s coming. Removing ports on a device gives companies a bit more room for other components on the inside, and it’s far easier to make them waterproof.

I can’t say for sure where things are going, but I’m super pleased that after 8 long years we finally have a standard plug for all devices. It’s time for me to stock up on USB-C cables so I can handle anything the family needs!

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