Videos you should watch twice

Mickey Mellen
2 min readJan 16, 2022

There are times when I find a short, interesting video that has too many things to notice in one sitting. Here are two fun examples of that; neither is very new, but they’re both very entertaining.


In this video, the team at bat is in the final inning, two outs, down by two. They hit a grounder to short with a toss to second, but the ump calls the runner safe. The team in the field didn’t realize it and they proceed to celebrate. This video is honestly worth watching four times.

  1. The first time, just watch to see the chaos.
  2. The second time, watch the pitcher. She grabs the ball and throws it home, hoping a catcher will pop into existence like Field of Dreams. When the catcher doesn’t materialize, she just stands there and watches it all unfold and makes no effort to help out.
  3. The third time, watch the catcher. She goes and “celebrates” with her teammates, then runs back to the plate to find the ball, then just stands there facing the wrong way and blocks her teammate.
  4. Finally, watch the left fielder. She seems to be literally the only one paying attention. She yells at the team to keep playing, then she sprints in to cover third (and keep the game tied) when the pitcher chucks it home. Then she runs home to get the ball (because the pitcher is apparently done trying), grabs the ball, runs toward the plate in time to make the tag and is promptly blocked by her own catcher.


Matt Nathanson

This one is a bit longer, but there are just a few small parts to see. In this one, singer Matt Nathanson is chatting and introducing a guest when he plays a few riffs from “You Shook Me All Night Long”. He intended to just play those riffs and then move on with the next song on his set list, but it took off on him. A few things to catch:

  • 0:25 — This first one might be my favorite moment. The drummer gets a mischievous look on his face and dives in, forcing things to go a bit longer.
  • 0:36 — Matt still didn’t intend to sing it, but the crowd took over.
  • 1:24 — After the first chorus, Matt…



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