You can’t get urgency without value

Mickey Mellen
2 min readDec 16, 2020

At GreenMellen we work with a lot of different clients, and our process for building a website is pretty solid, but we still have challenges at times. One of the biggest is when a client gets “too busy” to keep up with what we need, and things stall out for a bit.

As I’ve talked about before, “too busy” isn’t really a thing — they simply don’t see this project as a high enough priority during their workday. When that happens, I know they’re not seeing the value in the project.

Bigger $$$ = Bigger Value?

To some degree, this happens less on larger projects. It could be a case of the high cost equating to more perceived value, but I’m not sure that’s it. Really, that part is almost the opposite; a small one-person company spending $5,000 is way more invested financially than a large company spending $25,000.

So what is it then?

When we see projects begin to stall a bit, it’s usually a lack of clear value in the potential outcome. They may or may not have invested a lot of money (for whatever “a lot” means to them) in the project, but if their priorities are elsewhere it’s because they see more value in doing other work during the day. They signed on with us because they saw the potential value in our work, so it’s up to us to continue to show them that value and keep them engaged.

Fortunately, this is a fairly rare occurrence for us, but I’ve realized it really comes down to that one thing.

Without clients seeing the value, they don’t see the urgency.

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